Monday, June 15, 2009

Genting trip 11th jUn to 12th Jun

SN9g and some of our close friends went to Genting for a 2days 1 night trip...all of us enjoy ourself very very much there... we play alot of a nt so nice movie XD... get scared by some weird noises... chat the whole night.... and some unknown secrets reveal...alot alot of things happen..we did alot of crazy things up there... the room tat we stay..i think the cleaner see it really will FAINT..haha..i make a total mess out of it...haha.. guys room mar..wat can u expect right..and the smell of the shoe...really cannt explain the smell...coz too many smell d..haha... overall..i will say that the trip is quite successful although there are few we stil manage to enjoy ourself...and reach kl safely...haha...sn9g rox lar really~Now lets the picture to do the talking...

Genting trip 11th jUn to 12th Jun

Monday, June 8, 2009

When siew lee is in a hype MODE

-Siew Lee- is going back to her drama..lalala says:
.. walau.. u know la this kind of thing very hard to say one......

-Siew Lee- is going back to her drama..lalala says:

-Siew Lee- is going back to her drama..lalala says:
somemore im single and available mah hor?

-Siew Lee- is going back to her drama..lalala says:

THis is wat miss yeO siew lee say to me...when im studying my the middle of the night 2.30 am..hhaha..... she is strongly promoting herself.... eh...wat u eat jz now??? so hype wan ar?????

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random post

Genting genting here we cOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11th of Jun 2009 all my Fellow Kawan Will go GEnting...wuhoooo.....1st class trip ever weiiiihhhhhhhhhh!!!!!11

we must enjoy kao kao there ler!!!!!!!!

ALl of u muz be AS and 3 more papers ma right???

Aiyo...AS...F*** oFF lar!!! wahahahahah...come again next time..BUHBYE XD

Friday, May 29, 2009


I was viewing my best buddy friendster profile..and i found some really old pictures of my secondary school life... i have join a uniform body which has really change my life..and i mean ALOT...i was a naughty kid when i was in form 1 and form 2...go to cyber cafe 5 days a week...and sometimes even skip school just to play in cyber cafe...haiz... at that time..i dont have friends as im an introvert and i dun talk much... my juz myself...lonely...thats y i dislike i got no friends to talk too..until i join THE BOYS this uniform body..i have found true Brothers...and true friends... that whom we share the same AIm and give our best and commitment to 1st Kuala Lumpur Boys Brigade Company...We cried...we laugh...together.. we celebrate our success together..and help each other when some1 face difficulties... we often say .. "1 BAnd 1st KL" remember??? we train under the prepare for PESTA..the difficulties we went through..paid winning the overall champion in PESta 2006.... when we get 2nd in the overall band competition..we cried...we are disappointed of the result..because we think that we deserve 1st...after all our effort that we paid... sunburn...headache..fever...and so on... but... we eat together...we even bath together at night...we truly enjoy ourselves in this few years of brother hood... AND I would really wanna say.. I REALLY DIDNT FORGET ALL THIS MEMORIES... and i would like to say sorry to you all..because i didnt come back to serve 1st KL after everything than 1st Kl has did to me.. PLease accept my sincere apology..nw let the pictures do the talking..

SPot me if u can....

Kokurikulum day

Band performance!!

SPot me if u can^^

Advance NCo training course

THis wan i forget jo~

We lost..but we lost with pride

In Boys Brigade i found true friends...true brotherhood...and i learn alot..i get many new staying in a jungle..and also when music 1st come to my life...Thanks..thanks for everything..

Friday, May 15, 2009


My title for this post is "............" is because i cant find a topic for this post...and is nth to be happy about.....

Recently..many things is happening between our gang...from a big gang like 10++ person..and now? is broken to 4 in a group...3 in a group...5 in a group? why is this happening? can all this be stop and be happy together??? appreciate the time that we can still spend together as "class mates?"...after 6 months we also wont meet each other again wan lar~ why not appreciate the time now? and stop all this??? i dont hope any1 to be boycott or to be neglected...we are in 1 we are friends.. now i wanna say sumting which i feel like vomitting and geli : " god send us all together into a that we can know each other...this is call FATE...with fate..we became friends..and brothers!!! in the world got 22 billion ppl...and we are the 30 ppl among those 22 billion ppl which can meet and become friendssss....u count the low is the possibility..why dun we appreciate this fate and not ruined it????" THink of it for a second..a minute..and a hour...hope this matter can be solve as soon as possible...and now im truly dissapointed and sad...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Graduation day^^

JUst a random post of my secondary school graduation day...when will be my college graduation day than???

Michael,seng hang(my monitor), je shi

Addison,Jason,ME!!!! and chen hoong

Roger and addison

Me and Roger Siao